Panel on STEM Majors Abroad

As a STEM major studying abroad requires a lot of forethought and sometimes even an extra semester in college. It was good to hear the different solutions other engineering majors have found to incorporate a trip or semester abroad. All but one of the engineering students who spoke went to the Arezzo campus, there were two Industrial Engineers, one Mechanical Engineer, and one Computer Science major. The best advice I got from that panel was to talk to your major professors and advisors to find creative ways to get major credit abroad. Once I start my major specific classes this fall I will speak to my professors about opportunities for credit. Although as a Civil Engineering major none of the panelists’ situations were very similar to mine, and I still have to figure out a way to spend the equivalent of a semester abroad even when the CEES curriculum is so strict. At the moment I am considering working with OU Career Services to find an engineering internship in China in Summer 2017 that might count towards elective credit and improve my everyday language skills. Ultimately I know that there is a whole team of faculty and staff waiting to help me achieve my goal of studying abroad, and where there’s a will there’s a way.

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