Chinese Language Club

Chinese Language Club is a group that allows students to practice Chinese language skills and works on finding native speaker partners for students to practice with. CLC also goes on trips to OKC to shop at the Asian market and eat at authentic Chinese restaurants. Last semester they hosted the Moon Festival celebration in Wagner, this semester they hosted a Chinese New Year/Spring Festival celebration with authentic Chinese food and games. The New Year celebration focuses on cleansing homes and families of bad fortune and experiences of the previous year, so before the holiday on the first day of the first lunar month Chinese families clean their houses inside and out. During this time of year, everyone goes home to their families, often traveling for days to reach rural homes from the booming cities. Every dish served during this holiday has a superstitious meaning, all hoping to bring good luck and happiness to whoever eats them. Most of the foods’ names are double meanings, a vegetarian dish named “fat choy” sounds like “prosperity” in Cantonese, mandarin oranges sound like “luck” in southern dialects, and many more of the dishes resemble coins or money. I hope to be more involved in planning CLC’s events next semester as they are always fun and interesting. It is so important to be aware of the culture and traditions surrounding the language you learn, because the hope is that someday you might use that spoken language in the nation it comes from, and the more educated you are, the more respectful you can be.

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